Rescue Alert!! This is pitiful Deaf dog adopted, returned and in danger at crowded animal shelter inLand O’Lakes, FL

If not for bad luck, a handsome young dog named “Vinny,” would have no luck at all. Vinny, who is deaf, is currently one of many dogs who is stuck behind bars at the Pasco County Animal Services facility in Land O’Lakes, Florida – tragically for every homeless animal at this facility, the shelter is at, or beyond, capacity.

Vinny is no stranger to this facility – he was adopted, but did not go to a loving home. Instead, he was sold and then dumped right back where he started. A shelter volunteer has described her observations of Vinny, “Vinny is a sweet boy with big ears. This is his second time at PCAS. He enjoys rubs, toys & going for walks. Vinny is deaf and requires training. I have not witnessed any food aggression & have never had any issues with him. He needs to be the only dog while receiving the specific training he requires.”

Vinny has limited time – please help share the information which may help save his life. Find Vinny’s Petango profile here. Please reference ID# 24920854 for all inquiries about this dog. Anyone who is interested in saving Vinny is asked to email Morgan

20 Comments on "Rescue Alert!! This is pitiful Deaf dog adopted, returned and in danger at crowded animal shelter inLand O’Lakes, FL"

  1. Awww why would they return such a sweet dog

  2. Shared. I wish I could take him

  3. @[100002370727522:2048:Lori Forgione]

  4. What is wrong with people. Good lord I am so angry with this..

  5. Dear God save this precious baby.

  6. Poor baby, i wish i could take him, i don’t understand why someone would adopt a dog, then bring him back, what’s wrong with some people?!?!?!!!

  7. Adopted, then sold…WTF! ALL these people involved that did this to him need to be beaten to a bloody pulp, then discarded in the garbage landfill left to die. He is so sad & confused. At least for now he won’t be abused anymore. Prayers for love, care, & happiness for him.

  8. Someone in that area please help this baby. I live in Tennessee and already have 3.

  9. I would love you always baby

  10. Hang n there baby, smooches ♡

  11. shared why did they adopt a dog that was deaf. they had to have gotten to know the dog before adopting and liked him. It is ridiculus that people think they do and are what they want right away. would they do this to an adopted child

  12. Pray this innocent boy gets a real loving home he’s suffered enough don’t deserve to die

  13. Praying, praying, praying.

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