Rescue!! Disgraceful!! Dog adopted from Miami, FL shelter is returned in pitiful condition months later (305) 884-1101

A young, downtrodden American bulldog is desperately in need of help in Miami, Florida. The two-year-old dog, named “Lola,” was a happy, healthy dog when she was adopted from the Miami-Dade Animal Services facility in March, but today, she looks like a different dog altogether.

Lola was returned by her adoptive owner on August 24 to the same facility that she had been adopted from this past spring. In the months that had passed from adoption to return, Lola went from bright eyes and a beautiful coat, to pitiful…today her eyes are sad, her fur is thin and her skin is red and irritated.

Though Lola was just returned to the facility on Monday, she is considered to be at great risk of being put down…owner surrenders, who do not have a stray hold period which buys them life-saving time, can be put down at any moment. Please help Lola find a good adopter, or a reputable rescue group, who will save her life.

Information: Petharbor link here, Miami-Dade Animal Services at (305) 884-1101, refer to ID#A1673415. Lola’s Facebook thread here.

71 Comments on "Rescue!! Disgraceful!! Dog adopted from Miami, FL shelter is returned in pitiful condition months later (305) 884-1101"

  1. Look how sad that poor pup looks after! My heart aches.

  2. Who could do that to a dog? That poor dog

  3. why the hell would anybody adopt a dog just to be mean to them

  4. poor baby…. prayers for someone to treat her mange quickly

  5. What in the world is going on with people why adopt a animal just to neglect it and take it back to shelter in this kinda condition

  6. Hope there is justice for this baby

  7. Why they don’t do anything to that people that adopted him make them pay or some things

  8. That’s is awfull.

  9. They better do some jail time for this!!!

  10. Put the people in jail and make them pay for the vet bills

  11. Why weren’t they charged with animal cruelty upon return of poor dog??

  12. I pray this baby will get a permanent forever home. I wish I could adopt all of the fur babies, but right now I can only do one at a time.

  13. I hope they did something to those people

  14. Background c and and abuse registry!!!

  15. Thankful she was returned before it got worse.

  16. Any updates? If I were in Florida I’d adopt this poor baby….

  17. WTH???? What is wrong with people?!?!?!! I hope she can find her forever home and be happy, I’m sharing

  18. Why aren’t the owners who adopted this beautiful dog not charged with animal cruelties in the condition the dog was returned. Poor baby doesn’t deserve this and hope someone who truly loves this animal steps forward and shows love, kindness not what this dog expierenced. Where’s the justice in this matter?

  19. Anyone who wants to adopt a dog should go through a process..Meaning, their home should be inspected and their backgrounds also just like they do with children…

  20. The people that did this to her need to be dumped in a garbage landfill & abandoned to suffer. They’re de$#%&!@*able disgusting so called “humans .” They will get their KARMA due…she had such a great spirit look about her before & now looks like no spirit at all in her sweet face. PLEASE help her & NOT let her die…she deserves all the love, care, & happiness. Needs to be a better way to check people out..

  21. So Sad 🙁 They should put in jail her adoptive owner!!!

  22. This is what always scares me, when $#%&!@*holes adopt. We think “thank God someone took the already abuse pup to a wonderful home, ONLY TO FIND OUT THEY ARE TREATED WORSE THAN BEFORE. Unreal taht an animal has to go to pain, suffering and neglect again at the hands of the human that was going to save them.

  23. Did you say anything to the people who returned him??what reason did they have for what happened..this is so sad.

  24. How terrible! Shame on those people!

  25. I hope some charges are being filed here.

  26. These people need to be held accountable. The shelter should be filing charges.. wish I could take this fur baby in. My pooch would love it… just so sad..

  27. Whoa so sad it break my heart every time I read story like this. The person who did this should pay for it. It made me so mad

  28. What the hell did they do to this poor baby in such a short time?? I hope this was police do$#%&!@*ented and investigated

  29. Poor baby. People are aholes!!!

  30. It seems like this happens frequently at this shelter…just saying

  31. Why can’t the adopter be punished instead of the dog.

  32. I just can’t believe how mean people can be. Yes the adopter should be punished. Will he or she?? Prayers for this sweet baby and I hope you find your furever home. You deserve it! !

  33. omg…where are the idiots who had her!! at them for jusr one minute you POS!! I hope the.lil sweetie gets a well deserved home!!

  34. Charges should be filed against them! If I could get to Florida I would take her but I’m in Virginia. Prayers for her that she finds a wonderful home. An hopefully the previous owners rot in HELL!!

  35. Horrible! They should be charged with animal abuse!

  36. Who ever did this needs to be in jail. The other inmates need to know what they did and shown the picture!!

  37. Poor angel. Somebody in that area please adopt this baby.

  38. Poor thing. Why are there no charges being brought against the crappy people who did this?

  39. Prayers for this poor sweetheart.

  40. O.m.g. where are the people responsible for this, they need to be charged with cruelty.

  41. This is why there needs needs to be a national animal abuse registry…so this $#%&!@* quits happening…so sad…

  42. Somebody please she is sooo pretty

  43. Right I hope the owner was charged

  44. Poor baby! Damn shame that people do insane abuse to animals! They treat their pets this way imagine what they would do to a child

  45. Disgusting and disgraceful people!

  46. It’s Florida!!! Allot of low life s$#%&!@* down there!

  47. horrid and shared. they should be fined an gone after

  48. Omg.. How does this happen in 3 months!! Poor baby!! I wish there were strict laws!! This is heartbreaking!!

  49. Dont people check these people out before adoption!!.

  50. Omg what to hell! Poor baby next time make sure they really will love her,please.

  51. god bless this baby with love

  52. Prosecute the people who returned her !

  53. Stupid $#%&!@* Miami owner!!!

  54. need to do better screening, poor dog

  55. This is sooo sad !!! How were they able to adopt !!!

  56. I hope she’s able to be saved once again but this time with a good family!!!

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